Thursday, September 20, 2012


Just a few posts ago, I wrote about a tax quandary facing the heirs of Ileana Sonnabend.  Recently, I was in New York and saw the piece itself:

It's strange to be so close to a bald eagle, especially knowing what a controversy it's caused.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Marriage in America

This summer, the New York Times pulished an article entitled "Two Classes, Divided by 'I Do.'"

The gist of this article is that it's a lot harder for single parents than it is for married couples, which is not exactly breaking news.  Anyone who's been a single parent in the last fifty years could have told you that.  But it's interesting to see the treatment given to the subject in such a broadly-reaching publication, which includes concern about the fact that single parenthood - and especially single motherhood - is such a rapidly growing trend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Series: The Law In Our Lives

I am not a homeowner.

For various reasons, primarily mobility, I have always been a renter.  But the housing and rental markets are such that it makes a lot more financial sense to buy.

Should I do it?

It might make more sense from a monthly, dollars-paid-for-housing perspective, but there are other financial and non-financial considerations.  Am I expecting the unexpected?  What if I need a new water heater?  Air conditioner?  What if I decide I don't like the neighborhood?  What if I decide I love the neighborhood, but not that particular condo?  What if bad neighbors move in?

I'm stuck - geographically and mentally.